Our Services

Compensation Management

The Valliant Team works with you to create an effective compensation strategy that matches with your organizational goals and objectives.  We conduct competitive market surveys to establish salary ranges/schedules/structures for the entire organization or for only 1 position.  Our professionals will review your compensation policies to ensure they are aligned with your strategic goals and objectives and can conduct an audit of the entire compensation program and make market-based recommendations.

Recruitment Services

Valliant Consulting Group is not your typical “head-hunter”, we partner with your organization or HR department in hiring the “right” candidate for the position.  Our services include reviewing and revising the job description for the position; recommending a marketable salary range to attract the best applicants; developing a job posting strategy and budget; writing the job postings for a variety of medium; conducting pre-employment screening and interviewing; and managing the communication with all applicants.  Our fees are typically fixed price and depend on the number/type of position.

Training Programs

Valliant Consulting Group provides a number of training programs some of which include Sexual Harassment, Workplace Bullying, Introduction to Supervision, Effective Leadership, Team Building, Conducting Effectual Performance Appraisals, Interviewing & Hiring, Board Roles & Responsibilities — to name a few!    Each of our training programs is customized to meet your organizational needs and includes: presentation; group activities and hands-on learning tools; training materials and booklets; and the trainer’s contact information for follow up questions.  Valliant’s training sessions can be provided onsite at your facility or we can provide a space for participants up to 40 people.

Policies and Procedures

In order for a Policies & Procedures to be effective in an organization, they should be defined in an employee manual; be consistently applied in the organization and reflect current practicesThe policies should be written so employees can clearly understand them; consistent with applicable laws and regulations; be viewed as reasonable and rationale; and distributed an communicated to all employees.  A policy manual serves as an effective management tool and should be a legally defensible document.

The Valliant Team works with your organization to create, review, and/or update a Human Resources Policy Manual that meets the criteria defined above.  We provide a review of the entire manual or, if you just need  help with one or two policies, we can provide you with recommendations.

organizational Development

Our motto is “helping you take care of your most valuable asset”!  Valliant Consulting Group assists you in increasing the effectiveness of your organization by helping you align strategy, people and processes.  We offer strategic planning; performance management systems, leadership coaching; team building; engagement surveys; or establishment/support of HR Departments.

Human Resources support

If your HR Department does not have the time or resources for a certain project; needs assistance with daily operations, or prefers an outside/objective opinion, the Valliant Team can help.  Valliant Consulting Group provides on-call HR services or support for any HR project, whether it is a workplace investigation, advise or consult on an employee relations issue, or weekly HR support.  Human Resources Support is provide on an hourly basis.