About Us

Valliant Consulting Group has been providing Human Resources Consulting Services since 1998.  We specialize in Compensation, Training and Human Resources Consulting for tribes, tribal entities and tribally-owned organizations.  Our list of clientele includes organizations throughout the 48 contiguous states.


The mission of Valliant Consulting Group is to help organizations create measurable results through their most valuable asset – their people!  To achieve this we have specialized expertise in all areas of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Workforce Training.

Our Vision Statement is simple “Be impressive in everything we do!”  Every Valliant professional understands the importance of this strategy and works closely with clients to achieve the vision.  In order to accomplish this, Valliant takes the necessary steps to thoroughly understand the requirements of our clients and then does whatever it takes to Be Impressive!

Valliant Consulting Group has retained 99% of our customer base and our clients typically hire us for additional services.  We accomplish all deliverables according to established timeframes and budgets on 100% of our projects.